Ancient Mayan Ways of Relief

Mayans through the years have used different practices for healing,  massage being one of them.  Mayans over the centuries  have learned that massage helps balance the body’s physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs, freeing the blocked energy and allowing us to be in harmony with ourselves.  Archaeological  evidence of massage  has been found in the Ancient Mayan Civilization.  Massage developed alongside athletics in the ancient Mayan world.  In Mayan Meso-America, as in other areas of the world, an indigenous form of soft tissue and structural massage has developed.  Today this art survives thanks to many Mayans that have handed down these techniques via oral tradition.  The ancient Mayans used massage for pain relief,  associated with musculo-skeletal injuries, to reduce anxiety, and also to help lower blood pressure and heart rate.  Massage was also used in conjunction with sweat baths or “Pib Nah”.  “Zumpul-Chi” was defined as a sweat bath for women after child birth, and for other sick persons it was used to cast out disease in their bodies.  It is evident that massage has has a significant place in traditional Maya health practices from ancient times  to the present.

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