Free Chaya-Maya Vitamin Juice with Mayassage

Mayassage, at the Costa Maya Port is now offering a FREE Maya-Chaya vitamin juice for everybody who books a massage online with Mayasage. Chaya or “Mexican tree spinach” is a bush with succulent stems that excludes a milky sap when cut. The leaves are the part used as food. Chaya is used like spinach. Chaya juice can be used to make a fresh green juice blended with orange and pineapple juice. Chaya is richer in iron than spinach, and is a good source of potassium and calcium. It is also rich in protein and crude fiber. Chaya is one of the Mayans most important plants, for it bears few or no stinging hairs, and its leaves are good to eat, very tasty, and unbelievably nutritious. Chaya is understandably hyped as “The” miracle plant and super food by the Mayans. Chaya has the following properties: Improves blood circulation, helps digestion, improves vision, prevents varicose veins, lowers cholesterol, reduces weight, prevents coughs, augments calcium in bones, prevents anemia, improves memory and brain function, combats arthritis, decongest and disinfect the lungs, and improve glucose metabolism and prevent diabetes. Chaya is very good in a vitamin juice and get one free when you book online at Mayassage.

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