Perfect Caribbean Weather in Costa Maya Port

MAYASSAGE LOGO-01The weather has been perfect here lately. Lots of cruise ships and tourists have been stopping at Costa Maya. The pool at the port has been full of tourists sitting around enjoying the Caribbean sun, and relaxing .
A lot of the tourists that come this time of year are usually from cold weather climates up in the USA and Canada.
Lately on Thursdays there have been three ships docking for the day. It is a sight to see three ships in port at once, and thousands of tourists debarking and enjoying Costa Maya.
Now is the time to book a massage for your stay in Costa Maya.
Here are some photos to show you the Costa Maya Port and all of the activities and tourists enjoying themselves. A lot of cruise ship passengers have a cocktail by the pool and get a massage from Mayassage right near the pier entrance in sight of their ship.
Spend your day relaxing in the warm Caribbean sun with a nice cold drink and a massage from Mayassage.
iphone 027

iphone 036heavy metal ship 003

Miss St girls and tour bus 001

Miss St girls and tour bus 004

iphone 12-28-2014 004

iphone 12-28-2014 034

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